Chemspec One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray

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Chemspec One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray detergent free cleaning for professional carpet cleaners. Effective and economical to use.

Product Information:

Chemspec One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray combines with carpet soils and surfactant residues to make them free rinsing to leave carpets residue-free and clean. Additionally, an alkaline pretreatment formulation, it’s ideal as a prespray on traffic lanes and other heavily soiled carpet areas. Also, it may also be used as a rinse.

  • Size 3.6kg powder with a PH 10.0
  • Chemspec product code: 109760 (C-DFC21032)
  • Also no odour or foaming
  • DFC means Detergent Free Cleaning
  • Plus it is ECOLOGO certified for reduced environmental impact

3 Things to Know about ECOLOGO


1) Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
2) Preinspect / pretest / pretreat spots as needed. Post wet floor signs as needed.
3) Apply RTU solution at the rate of 200 square feet per RTU gallon (5 square meters per liter). Use a coarse spray and avoid generation of fine mist. Avoid overspray on surfaces not being cleaned.
4) Allow 10 to 15 minute dwell time but do not allow RTU solution to dry on the carpet.
5) Rinse extract with hot water.
6) Use sufficient airflow to assure that the carpet will dry quickly. The AirPath™ airmover is recommended because of its 360-degree high-velocity airflow.
7) After the surface has dried, vacuum to remove any residues.
For additional application and product safety information, see the User Guide and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) at
1) Test surfaces for compatibility before use.
2) For use on water cleanable carpet.
3) Store product with cap securely fastened in a cool, dry area.
4) Chemically sensitive individuals and asthmatics should avoid recently cleaned carpets for at least 24 hours

Product Label 

Safety Data Sheet

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Also, store in a safe and secure location, away from children and pets. Do not allow to freeze. Also, keep the bottle sealed when not in use. Finally always follow the directions for safe use.


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