Chemspec Kill Odor Plus

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Chemspec Kill Odor Plus 5L professional deodoriser for carpet cleaners. Effective traffic lane cleaner to neutralise urine & organic odours.

Product Information: Kill Odor Plus

Chemspec Kill Odor Plus is a highly effective deodoriser with aggressive surfactants and odour counteractant. Also prespray/ traffic lane cleaner to neutralise urine and other organic odours in carpets. Additionally, ideal for residential, health care and educational applications. Also recommended cleaner and odour control product for restrooms.

Size: 5L

PH: 5.0 - 8.0

Chemspec product code: 123381

DIRECTIONS: Professional Use Only

  • Read directions and cautions before use
  • Before application, pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.
  • Carpet spotter and odour remover: Mix 946 mL with 3.8 L (1:4) of water.
  • Traffic lane cleaner: Mix 355 mL with 3.8 L (1:10) of water.
  • Restroom restoration cleaner: Mix 473 mL with 3.8 L (1:8) of water. Then apply liberally
    with mop.
  • Daily restroom cleaner: Mix 237 mL with 3.8 L (1:16) of water. Apply with normal mop method.


  • User Guides and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available at
  • For technical support call 800-332-6037
  • For medical advice related to exposure to this product, call Infotrac at 800-535-5053 (USA) / 352-323-3500 (worldwide).
  • CAUTION: Use product only in well-ventilated area. To avoid skin irritation or slip hazards, do not walk on wet carpets with bare feet.
  • NOTICE: Product must be stored at room temperature (15°C - 30°C).

Additionally, keep in sealed container when not in use. Also, product is not warranted if used for repack, improperly stored, or used in a manner not consistent with manufacturer’s instructions. Dispose of unused product and waste water according to local regulations. Finally, keep out of reach of children.

Safety Data Sheet: Kill Odour Plus SDS

Label: Kill Odor Plus Label


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