Chemspec Heavy Duty Soil Lifter

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Chemspec Heavy Duty Soil Lifter high quality prespray for professional use. Effective on a wide range of stains. Use on carpets & upholstery.

Product Information:

Chemspec Heavy Duty Soil Lifter 5L is for professional use only. Versatile, High Solvency Cleaner for Carpets and Upholstery. Heavy Duty Soil Lifter (HDSL) is a blend of solvents and surfactants. It can be dispersed in water for use in a variety of cleaning
processes. The high solvency allows HDSL to attack greasy, oily soils. Because the product is dispersible in water, however, it can still
be rinsed from the fibers thus reducing residues and odor.
Note that HDSL is not available for sale in the State of California.

Chemspec Product code: 123380

Key features:

  • Suitable for use in multiple carpet and upholstery wet cleaning processes
  • Low moisture upholstery cleaning
  • Spot removal
  • Removing soil filtration lines
  • Booster to traffic lane cleaners
  • Woolsafe Certified

Cleaning Procedure:

First: Inspect the area and test product compatibility with the surface before doing any work. Note any surface defects on your inspection report and discuss with the customer.

Next: Dry vacuum the item to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Upholstery wet cleaning prespray:

  • Mix 25 oz. (739 mL) with 1 gal. (3.8 L) of water.
  • Lightly apply onto fabric, agitate with a soft brush
  • Wet extract using All Fiber Textile Rinse.

Upholstery low moisture prespray:

  • Use undiluted. and lightly apply onto fabric
  • Agitate with a soft brush
  • Wet extract using All Fiber Textile Rinse.

Prespray for carpeting:

  • Mix 25 oz. (739 mL) with 1 gal. (3.8 L) of water.
  • Using a clean sprayer with coarse spray, apply evenly to soiled carpet.
  • Brush area with a hand pile brush, then rinse extract.

Soil filtration lines / filtration soil:

  • Evenly apply a course spray onto the filtration lines
  • Aggressively agitate into fiber with a brush.
  • Rinse extract.


  • Apply undiluted to a clean white cloth
  • Blot spot or stain until the soil is removed. Keep rotating the cloth as it becomes loaded with soil.
  • Rinse with All Fiber Textile Rinse using extraction machine.

Additive to traffic lane cleaners:

  • For use with inline sprayers: add 6 oz. (177 mL) to the 5 quart container along with the standard traffic lane cleaner.
  • For pump up or pressure sprayers add 2 oz. (59 mL) per gallon along with the standard traffic lane cleaner
  • Prespray and extract as normal

Helpful Information:

  • Check all PPE for damage. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Clean the outside of the spraying equipment to remove soot and soils. This will help to prevent cross-contamination and will maintain your professional image on the next job.
  • Rinse containers and dispensing equipment to remove product residues and waste water. Be sure to dispose waste water properly. Never dispose into surface waters, on the ground or into a storm drain.
  • Flush the sprayer with water to remove any product residue. Solvents can soften seals and plastic components so be sure to rinse the equipment.
  • Wash hands after using the product.


  • Keep children and pets away from chemical products, equipment and the work area.
  • Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for any chemical product before using that product.
  • Wipe any surfaces where there has been a spill or overspray of the product or the ready to use solution.


  • User Guides and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available at
  • For technical support call 800-332-6037
  • For medical advice related to exposure to this product, call Infotrac at 800-535-5053 (USA) / 352-323-3500 (worldwide).


Color Yellow
Odor Glycol solvent and citrus
Appearance Transparent liquid; turbid when diluted
Phosphorous content None
Density 7.65 pounds per gallon
pH 8.5
VOC content 55 gm / liter
Storage Keep from freezing
Water solubility Dispersible
Flash point 49°C / 120°F

Safety Data Sheet: Heavy Duty Soil LIfter UK EU EN SDS MAR 2021

Label: Heavy Duty Soil Lifter Label


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