Chemspec Defoamer

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Chemspec Defoamer is designed to reduce foam levels in hoses and waste tanks, and any excess detergent residue after a previous clean on surfaces.

Product Information:

The Chemspec Defoamer has a unique blend of foam-reducing agents that instantly decrease foam levels in hoses and waste tanks. Use when cleaning fibres with high levels of detergent residue from previous cleanings or to pick up detergent spills. Convenient liquid formula simplifies application. Controlling foam helps your equipment operate efficiently and protects pumps and blowers against potential damage. For professional use only. 
Read the directions and cautions on the bottle before use.
Helpful Instructions:
  • To reduce foam backup in vacuum hoses, pour 10-12oz, (296- 355ml) into a cup of water and then suck the solution through the vacuum hose.
  • To decrease foam backup in waste tanks, saturate a cleaning sponge with Defoamer, then place the sponge in the waste tank. Replace this sponge on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure to prevent this product from freezing.
  • To avoid slips and falls, make sure to wipe up promptly any product that spills onto hard surface floors.
  • Only use this product in a well-ventilated area. To avoid skin irritation, wear gloves when handling the product and wash hands after use.

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Safety Data Sheet: SDS Safety Data Sheet

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