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Axeon HF5 Ultra Low pressure RO Membranes

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High Volume Low pressure replacement RO membrane.It is easy to fit and high performance part that fits RO system Housings.


Product Information: Axeon HF5 Ultra Low pressure RO Membranes

Ultra- Low pressure Membranes for RO (Reverse Osmosis) window cleaning systems. Also, you can use  these membranes for most RO Housings. RO Membranes are available in a standard 4-inch size and feature a protective tape wound exterior.

21'' or 40'' Sizes available.

HF5 Membrane Elements are one of the industries highest flowing membranes. They are the only element on the market that operates at a pressure of 80psi - meaning more energy savings. HF5 Membrane Elements are the best choice to counter negative effects of cold water temperatures on reverse osmosis production. The HF5 comes with an outer ABS hard shell providing an extra element of protection during storage, transportation and installation.

Applied Pressure (psi / bar) Permeate Flow Rate (gpd / m3/d) Nominal Salt Rejection (%)
80 / 5.52 2500 / 9.46 98.50

Please see some Helpful Information for Axeon HF5 Ultra Low pressure RO Membranes below:

Number of factors can affect performance:

Inlet water pressure: performance is best at a between 80 psi

Water temperature: performance improves where the inlet water temperature is around 25 degree C

Flow rate: performance is best where the flow is close to 5L per minute

Quality of inlet water. We recommend that the inlet water is filtered by a sediment filter followed by a Carbon block filter. That extends the life of the membrane. We supply suitable filer housings for 10" filters.

When using an RO system that is connected to mains water, it is often necessary to boost the inlet pressure in order to improve the system performance. You can achieve it by using a booster pump fitted before the membrane.

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