AlgoClear Softclean 5L

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AlgoClear Pro or Domestic Softclean is a leading chemical for soft washing roofs, rendered walls and also many other surfaces: Polytunnels/Glasshouses, Timber Decking, Artificial Lawns, Tennis Courts, Patios & Driveways, Window sills/Copings, Concrete & Bricks, Sports Surfaces.
Sold in 5L containers.

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AlgoClear Pro Softclean is a high purity biocide and is safely used on all surfaces. It does not affect any known material or coating: it only affects biofilms.

Domestic Pro
Coverage 325m2 1025m2 (5 L) or 2050m2 (10 L)
Contains 9.6% w/w DDAC (quaternary ammonium chloride 40% w/w DDAC (quaternary ammonium chloride)

Artificial Grass

Whilst reputedly low maintenance, artificial grass needs regular cleaning to avoid infections caused by skin grazing on contaminated surfaces and also progressive loss of drainage. Contact Cropcare for details of the appropriate procedure.

Natural Stone

AlgoClear Pro Softclean decontaminates stone affected by black ingrained crusts. The concentration is set to 1/20 and a period of 4 to 6 weeks allowed for the etched black incrustations to loose their cohesion and wash away with a bristle brush and water.


The best way to maintain timber, both structurally and visually is to keep it free from biological contamination. AlgoClear Pro Softclean kills the fungi responsible for dry and wet rot as well as surface blemishes. The wood surface, if exposed to the weather remains silver grey.

MUGA and Sports Surfaces

AlgoClear® Pro is very effective at cleaning Multi-Use Games Areas and Sports Surfaces.


AlgoClear® Pro is used widely in the agricultural industry to clean Polycarbonates such as PVC, all polymers and  also elastomers typically used for Polytunnels and green houses.

Some Technical Stuff:

AlgoClear Pro Softclean is a high purity quaternary ammonium. It is a biocide working by contact with microbial life. It will act on small organisms by puncturing their cell walls. Its concentration is 40%. High Purity so it means that the product does not contain solvents and will not affect silicone additives , sealants and coatings found in modern construction products. AlgoClear Pro is recommended by K Rend. AlgoClear Pro is surfactant: It is a powerful soap. The product foam on impact at low concentration. It will, when brushed and rinsed, remove grime from a surface as well as sanitising it.

AlgoClear Pro does not contain aggressive or oxidising agents such as bleach, acid, lye etc. and is neither corrosive, nor bleaching so it is safer to use

Not recommended for use below 8°C.

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