Protecting Carpet Cleaning Chemicals During Winter and Summer

Protecting Carpet Cleaning Chemicals during both hold and cold weather is an important thing to be aware of for all cleaners.

We all know that freezing temperatures can damage machines.

But did you know that freezing temperatures can also ruin some cleaning detergents? Yes, water based cleaning products can be damaged to the point that they will no long work. Why? It’s all to do with the effect that heat (or the lack of it) has on the chemical bonds in the detergent. After a water based detergent freezes and is then thawed, the chemical bonds may not reform properly. The result is a ruined detergent and waste of money. This is particularly true of expensive protective treatments and pre-sprays, such as Prochem Prespray Gold.

What indicates that my detergent has been affected? An indication of freezing would be crystallisation of the detergent.


Are carpet cleaning powders also effected by freezing temperatures? Once a sealed tub is opened the powder will start to absorb moisture from the air. This moisture in the powder can freeze and create a problem.


Solvents, often used for treating spots and stains, are less likely to freeze. Therefore, generally need less protection during cold weather. However, can need careful storage away from heat during hotter weather. Even leaving them in a hot van can create a problem.

The Solution

  • Do not leave chemicals in vans, garages or sheds overnight in freezing weather

Helpful Tip:

Always store according to manufactures instructions, usually printed on the label. Also, do not store chemicals next to a heat source, as this can also damage detergents and may be a fire hazard. Additionally, whenever storing chemicals, choose a secure and safe location.


Carpet cleaners often take good care of machines and accessories during cold weather. However, it is also worth thinking carefully about the safe storage of the cleaning chemicals you use.