Squeegees at Window Cleaning Stuff. Choose from our comprehensive range of traditional window cleaning squeegees. Top brands; Unger, Ettore, Pulex & Moerman.

Squeegees are used to remove the window washing detergent from the window.

How to choose: First choose a category to find compatible products, take for example the category ‘Squeegees Stainless Steel (Unger Type). Open this category and pick any combination of handle and channel.
A number of channels have a drop down box for you to choose the best size for cleaning your windows.

Tip: When choosing a handle and channel, it is often best to select products from the same manufacturer to be sure of compatibility. Also, if you intend to use the squeegee with a telescopic pole, choose a pole of the same make as the handle.

Additionally, most applicators and squeegees are available in different sizes. Simply choose the best size for your job. Often window cleaners will have a number of different sizes for different jobs. The kits we supply include tools for he most popular size of windows. Kits also come in different combinations that suit most budgets.

Our large stock means that we can send out handles, channels and accessories quickly for a fast delivery to most UK mainland addresses.

Need more help with Traditional Window Cleaning Squeegees?  Why not give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to try and answer any questions that you may have. Or visit us at our shop in Edinburgh. We are normally open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. We will be pleased to see you.

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