Squeegee Rubber

Our comprehensive range of economical replacement Squeegee Rubbers are easy to fit and will give you that professional finish. We stock Unger, Ettore, SYR, Pulex, Moerman and FaceLift RazrBlade Red Rubber. Rubbers come in either 36″ 92cm or 42″ 105cm lengths and hard and soft compounds, check our website for available options.
Tip: If you use a 35cm 14″ squeegee, then the 105cm 42″ rubber is the most economical rubber to buy. Rubbers are easy to cut using a pocket scraper on a suitable surface.
All of the rubbers we sell can be used with any manufacturers squeegee channels, Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel Squeegee Channels.
Tip: Choose a hard rubber if you like to press hard with a squeegee or the weather is hot. Alternatively choose a soft rubber for colder weather.

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