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Joke Products from WCS

Joke Products from WCS. Take a look at these including the famous Carpet Grower, PogoPole & Bucket-on-a Boot. Enjoy a good laugh, but don’t try to buy them!

If you enjoy a laugh and can spare a few minutes, why not explore this strange bunch of products from the imaginative minds of the staff here at Window Cleaning Stuff. They are pretty odd, the joke products, not the staff. Every now and then we add another product, so make sure you keep up to date with this peculiar category.

Our daft but cool products include:

  • Applicator Trousers – Look smart and keep warm
  • Bucket on a Boot – Prevents belt clutter
  • Butt Head – Gravity assisted cleaning
  • Carpet Grower – Classic solution to worn carpets
  • Cloud Hook – Harness nature
  • Condensed Water – Use water to make water
  • Flappy Inflatable Pole – easy to store pole
  • Kari-All Pouch – Intelligent pouch
  • Ladder Bag – Never run out of space
  • Micro Squeegee – Small is beautiful
  • Nat-Hat – Smart head wear
  • PogoPole
  • Stretchy Squeegee Rubber
  • Water Fed Bed
  • Water Fed Trunk
  • What will be next? You will have to wait to see.

Why not write an imaginary review for one or more of our crazy products. Just click on our Review tab and let your imagination run wild!

Or if you have a good idea for a new imaginary product, send us an email with your idea. If we can, we will create a product that will be attributed in some way to you.

Joke Products from WCS. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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