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Mops Buckets & Brushes at Window Cleaning Stuff Our high quality Janitorial Products will help you to breeze through even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Traditional mopping has been transformed over recent years with the introduction of new fabrics such as microfibre. Additionally new cleaning equipment designs have improved productivity and safety. For example the new flat mops that we supply are ideal for a wide range of environments, from shops and offices, to halls and schools. The colour coding that is now available in most tool ranges also helps to prevent cross contamination when cleaning.

Tip: Save time and money by choosing a mopping system from one manufacturer. Then mops, poles and buckets will be compatible and it makes adding to the system easy!

We also have other specialist cleaning equipment and liquids from Unger, SYR, Robert Scott, Pulex, Hart, Prochem, Chemspec and Streamline to choose from. Have a look of these products on our website by using the search facility or by searching by manufacturer. Alternatively, simply call or email us. We are always happy to try and help.

Also available are a range of maintenance pads for rotary machines. Simply choose from our range of coloured pads for scrubbing, buffing and polishing.

Yes, a wide range of Mops Buckets & Brushes are available from Window Cleaning Stuff. We also offer fast UK mainland delivery on most stocked products. Please contact us for more information, we will be happy to help. Or visit our shop in Edinburgh for see our extensive range of cleaning products.

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