Buy, Try and Bin

It should fit! It looks the same so it should fit!
Crazy as it sounds we seem to be moving back towards the Betamax and VHS age with window cleaning water fed poles.
Sorry to the younger readers. In the olden days you either had a Betamax or a VHS recorder for taping the TV. The tapes were not interchangeable, but at least the tapes did look different.
In recent years with more water fed poles coming on to the market very few parts are interchangeable. Take for example pole clamps. There are now so many clamps that look the same but are slightly larger or slightly smaller than your pole they will not fit. What is even more annoying is many of these clamps don’t have the size, section number of even the make on the clamp to help identify it. Also as new poles are becoming available manufacturers are not keeping legacy parts.

Clamps and Cones

I know of window cleaners who have a shed full of old poles that just need a new clamp or end cone.
The same is true of angle joints and brush threads, even jets. The big advantage for manufacturers is once you buy a pole you are tied into their accessories.
Tip: Buy some spares when you buy a new pole. Also ask if they have an adaptor for fitting brushes with the ‘Vikan’ screw thread. This will give you access to the largest range of replacement brushes.
I know we don’t have Betamax and VHS recorders anymore. Things have even moved on from DVD’s. What about water fed poles? I have found that after sales support is more important sometimes than the ‘deal’ or even the best pole! With the right support and access to spares you can keep most poles going for years and get some life out of them.

Written by Window Cleaning Stuff